What to do if you can't access v2tor.io

Why the kraken is so popular

What to do if vk8.at is not responding

How to enter vk5.at without getting caught

Official mirrors on vk8.at ONION

Permanent access to the site and operability 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - this is what every user of the dark web and in particular the KRAKEN site would like to have. But unfortunately, today it is not possible to solve this problem one hundred percent, since the site vk01.io is constantly trying to block, some links go to the ban, others appear, domain names at KRAKEN regularly change.

How to get to the KRAKEN and where to get the link?

In order to go to the vk02.io website, you will first need to download a utility called TOR. This is a kind of browser that turns you into an invisible person, at least from a technical point of view. They change your IP address for you, moreover, regularly and you seem to be in a different country altogether. The TOR browser can be downloaded from a regular search engine, but do not forget to enable VPN. More an important issue is to follow the official link, because if you follow a fake link, then there is a chance that your finances can be stolen from you or harmed in another way. Today, we can distinguish the following two links, which are almost always available for the transition: vk02.io and v2tor.io. Using these two links, you can register and get to the official resource of the KRAKEN.